Horseshoe Beach, Florida


Horseshoe Beach is an island located on the Gulf, about two hours south of Tallahassee. It’s coined as “Florida’s Last Frontier,” a motto that holds true.

There are no police officers, no traffic lights and everyone gets around in golf carts, occasionally stopping in the road to wave to neighbors and chit chat about their daily goings-on. We had to drive from the main road about 24 miles to get to this beach and then 24 miles back. The town is a living, breathing character. Completely void of any commercial stores, chains or franchises, it is humbly built off the back of the residents.

This is one of the most interesting beaches we have visited on our Florida Beach Trips.  The area was beautiful sitting on the Gulf with small boats out fishing and others enjoying the tranquility of this beach.  Like a postcard, the small fishing town is wrapped by the Gulf and the fishermen make their way through the channels and various canals that cut through people’s backyards.

How many people have heard of this beach?  Very few is our bet. We are glad we made the trip to see this remote beach.


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